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Album Release Date: 2010-2018
Album Type: WEB
Music Record Label: Tru Thoughts, Denovali Records
Codec: MP3 and FLAC tracks
Quality: MP3 320kbps CBR and FLAC Lossless
Playtime: 8:14:55

Hidden Orchestra is the solo studio project of multi-instrumentalist composer/producer Joe Acheson.
The albums and live shows feature a wide variety of guest musicians from all kinds of musical backgrounds.

<strong>Albums :</strong>

<strong>Hidden Orchestra - Night Walks</strong>
Music Album Quality: 320kbps CBR
Music Playtime: 00:56:18 hrs
Size: 128,77 MB - 10 Files
2010 Night Walks
Antiphon (06:06min) - MP3
Footsteps (03:48min) - MP3
Dust (07:05min) - MP3<!--more-->
Tired and Awake (05:31min) - MP3
The Windfall (05:03min) - MP3
Out of Nowhere (05:09min) - MP3
Wandering (04:34min) - MP3
Stammer (06:28min) - MP3
Strange (06:27min) - MP3
Undergrowth (06:07min) - MP3

<hr />

<strong>Hidden Orchestra - Archipelago</strong>
Music Album Quality: 320kbps CBR
Music Playtime: 01:00:36 hrs
Size: 138,72 MB - 10 Files
2012 Archipelago
Overture (06:18min) - MP3
Spoken (05:45min) - MP3
Flight (07:48min) - MP3
Vorka (05:21min) - MP3
Hushed (05:51min) - MP3
Reminder (05:58min) - MP3
Seven Hunters (09:37min) - MP3
Fourth Wall (04:00min) - MP3
Disquiet (06:16min) - MP3
Vainamoinen (03:42min) - MP3

<hr />

<strong>Hidden Orchestra - Dawn Chorus</strong>
Music Album Quality: 320kbps CBR
Music Playtime: 01:04:51 hrs
Size: 148,33 MB - 10 Files
2017 Dawn Chorus
First Light (03:40min) - MP3
Western Isles (06:14min) - MP3
Still (06:56min) - MP3
The Lizard (05:52min) - MP3
Long Orchard (04:57min) - MP3
Alyth (06:33min) - MP3
Wingbeats (12:01min) - MP3
Serpentine (01:16min) - MP3
Stone (06:08min) - MP3
East London Street (11:14min) - MP3

<hr />

<strong>Hidden Orchestra - Dawn Chorus Remixes</strong>
Music Album Quality: 320kbps CBR
Music Playtime: 01:05:39 hrs
Size: 152,00 MB - 10 Files
2018 Dawn Chorus Remixes
Alyth (Nuage Remix) (05:04min) - MP3
Wingbeats (Max Cooper Remix) (10:07min) - MP3
Still (Floex Remix) (06:28min) - MP3
Western Isles (Throwing Snow Remix) (08:22min) - MP3
East London Street (Hidden Orchestra Remix) (07:11min) - MP3
Stone (Matthew Herbert's Spring Dub) (06:31min) - MP3
The Lizard (Skalpel Remix) (05:14min) - MP3
First Light (Nostalgia 77 Remix) (04:12min) - MP3
Serpentine (Wrongtom's Rotten Row Dub) (03:01min) - MP3
Long Orchard (The Physics House Band Remix) (09:29min) - MP3

<hr />

<strong>Piano Interrupted - Reorchestrations</strong>
Music Album Quality: 320kbps CBR
Music Playtime: 00:35:43 hrs
Size: 82,03 MB - 7 Files
2015 Reorchestrations
Cross Hands (Hidden Orchestra Remix) (05:52min) - MP3
5 Steps (Hidden Orchestra Remix) (05:50min) - MP3
Lyre Grounds (Hidden Orchestra Remix) (06:03min) - MP3
Thograinn Thograinn (Hidden Orchestra Remix) (04:27min) - MP3
Saturnin Fire and the Restless Ocean (Hidden Orchestra Remix) (04:18min) - MP3
Sleep Key (Hidden Orchestra Remix) (04:32min) - MP3
The Revival (04:41min) - MP3

<hr />

<strong>Hidden Orchestra - Flight EP</strong>
Music Album Quality: 320kbps CBR
Music Playtime: 00:29:54 hrs
Size: 68,96 MB - 5 Files
2011 Flight EP
Flight (07:46min) - MP3
Dust (Floex Remix) (05:49min) - MP3
Footsteps (Lost Twin Remix) (03:33min) - MP3
The Windfall (Maddslinky Remix) (06:18min) - MP3
The Windfall (The Colonel Remix) (06:28min) - MP3

<hr />

<strong>Hidden Orchestra - Archipelago (Remixes)</strong>
Music Album Quality: 320kbps CBR
Music Playtime: 00:23:51 hrs
Size: 54,82 MB - 4 Files
2013 Archipelago Remixes
Vorka (DC Breaks Remix) (05:39min) - MP3
Vorka (King Britt Remix) (07:58min) - MP3
Fourth Wall (Kelpe Remix) (05:17min) - MP3
Reminder (Long Arm Remix) (04:57min) - MP3

<hr />

<strong>Hidden Orchestra - Fourth Wall, The Revival</strong>
Music Album Quality: 320kbps CBR
Music Playtime: 00:08:27 hrs
Size: 19,31 MB - 2 Files
2013 Fourth Wall - The Revival
Fourth Wall (04:00min) - MP3
The Revival (04:27min) - MP3

<hr />

<strong>Hidden Orchestra - Archipelago Remixes Part 2</strong>
Music Album Quality: 320kbps CBR
Music Playtime: 00:26:53 hrs
Size: 61,75 MB - 5 Files
2014 Archipelago Remixes Part 2
Seven Hunters (Dam Mantle Remix) (07:31min) - MP3
Flight (Mungo's Hi Fi Remix) (05:27min) - MP3
Disquiet (Floex Remix) (05:39min) - MP3
Spoken (Submerse Remix) (02:59min) - MP3
Spoken (KRTS Remix) (05:17min) - MP3

<hr />

<strong>Hidden Orchestra - Wingbeats</strong>
Music Album Quality: 320kbps CBR
Music Playtime: 00:41:57 hrs
Size: 95,97 MB - 8 Files
2016 Wingbeats
Wingbeats (12:05min) - MP3
Wingbeats Source I: Bird Table (02:22min) - MP3
Wingbeats Source II: Cello (04:05min) - MP3
Wingbeats Source III: Piano and Wings (02:36min) - MP3
Wingbeats Source IV: Tuned Percussion, Harp, Mey (01:58min) - MP3
Wingbeats Source V: Drums (04:37min) - MP3
Wingbeats Source VI: Dawn Chorus (08:02min) - MP3
Wingbeats (Radio Edit) (06:12min) - MP3

<hr />

<strong>Hidden Orchestra - Alyth</strong>
Music Album Quality: 320kbps CBR
Music Playtime: 00:09:07 hrs
Size: 20,98 MB - 2 Files
2017 Alyth
Alyth (Edit) (04:03min) - MP3
Alyth (Nuage Remix) (05:04min) - MP3

<hr />

<strong>Hidden Orchestra - East London Street</strong>
Music Album Quality: 320kbps CBR
Music Playtime: 00:10:40 hrs
Size: 24,39 MB - 3 Files
2017 East London Street
East London Street (Edit) (03:59min) - MP3
East London Street (No Drums Version) (03:59min) - MP3
East London Street (Drums Only Version) (02:42min) - MP3

<hr />

<strong>Hidden Orchestra - Still</strong>
Music Album Quality: 320kbps CBR
Music Playtime: 00:15:41 hrs
Size: 36,19 MB - 3 Files
2017 Still
Still (06:56min) - MP3
Still (Edit) (04:01min) - MP3
Still (No Drums Version) (04:44min) - MP3

<hr />

<strong>Hidden Orchestra - Wingbeats (Max Cooper Remix)</strong>
Music Album Quality: 320kbps CBR
Music Playtime: 00:14:46 hrs
Size: 33,92 MB - 2 Files
2017 Wingbeats (Max Cooper Remix)
Wingbeats (Max Cooper Remix) (10:07min) - MP3
Wingbeats (Max Cooper Remix Edit) (04:39min) - MP3

<hr />

<strong>Joe Acheson - Marconi & The Lizard</strong>
Music Album Quality: 320kbps CBR
Music Playtime: 00:31:05 hrs
Size: 71,05 MB - 5 Files
2016 Joe Acheson - Marconi & the Lizard
Storms And Foghorns (08:49min) - MP3
Streams And Crickets (04:07min) - MP3
Sparks And Transmissions (06:22min) - MP3
Birds In The Lions Den (07:33min) - MP3
Storms And Foghorns (National Trust Edit) (04:14min) - MP3

<hr />

<strong>Download <a href="">Hidden Orchestra - Discography</a> 2010-2018 (Tru Thoughts, Denovali Records) MP3 320kbps CBR </strong>

<hr />

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